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Mention to Solar das Andorinhas

Authentic colonial farm of century 18, the Solar das Andorinhas welcome the costumers in optimum style: right in the entrance, a signboard that affirms that “this ground is blessed, will be happy all them that step on here, because my Master was good”. Who signs it is the slave Clemilda, that died with 120 years old, in 1956. Certainly there and, obvious, not anymore as a slave.

This sentence illuminated my arrival at the big colonial house, enormous, pure, full of histories– some of them, known, others, perpetuated in the silence of it’s thick walls.

Of everything, the energies of other times sprout and echo in our present. It’s emotive to arrive, full the eyes with the white and blue that reign at the front, with the colors of the land and the elegance of the centennial palms. It’s emotive to know that through there so many lives has passed, so many loves had lived, so many sweat has mixed with tears and laughs.

The force of presence of the slaves, and the old Farm Two Bridges (the name that it was give when the farm was created) became to 80’s, not shame it’s airs with weighed suffering memories, as it happens in so much other places. No. There, the light is permanent and the atmosphere is easy. Moreover, it promotes a kind of reverence and a lot of curiosity about the history, not just the history of the big house, but of the others constructions too. Some with Italian influence, therefore the immigrants leave their mark there too.

Historic Site

The constructions of Solar das Andorinhas had been preserving and since 2004, they are tumbled as historic site, by CONDEPACC (Counsel of Defense of the Cultural Patrimony of Campinas). The farm was one of the biggest coffee producers of the state of São Paulo and, today, is one of the most complete hotel of Brazil, with 37 years of activity. There are 240.000m² of green area, so many landscapes and a compound turned to leisure, with a high dose of culture. It’s address: km 121 of the highway that connect Campinas and Mogi-Mirim, at just one hour from São Paulo.

The long trajectory

The Farm Two Bridges had distinguished at the coffee agriculture of the region, having produced about 6.500 bags for year.

After the abolition of slavery the Italians had assumed the work of planting, pick e embark the coffee in the stations of the Company “Mogiana” of Rail Road, which tracks run parallels to the farm. When part of it’s lands was acquired in 1971, by the engineer Roberto Ceccarelli, it was already subdivided and passed by the hands of many proprietors. It was in ruins. Cecarelli and his wife, Lúcia, had been pledged in restoring the constructions, conserving it’s original style and, pioneering, they had idealized there a Farm Hotel, now called by the poetical name of “Solar das Andorinhas”.

The principal historical places constructed throughout the time are there: the ruins of the slave’s house, the big house, with it walls of 80 cm of width, the little houses of the colonists, the chapel, the sculpture of Christ dated of 1806, the Water Well, the machine’s house, where a museum is being reorganized. At the garden of entrance, there are imperial palms and a magnificent gate. Which palm was planted to celebrate a year of harvest, and the iron gate imposed the limits between the big house and the propriety remains. There is too, part of the pavement of the old horse houses, the ruins of the sawframe and the mill of corn meal, the coquette – that one, of the time that dates were pass by vigilant looks. Full of symbology. And there are still pages of the accounting books, of the time of the Italians, written with pen of point of plume and untouched. Unexpectedly, between other preciosities, - in a corner of the house of the machines – there are framed letters from Mário de Andrase to Lúcia Fanele Ceccarelli. She had been his pupil and they mailed each other between 1935 and 1944.

Ms. Lúcia was the owner of Solar Das Andorinhas until July 2006, when she died. She was 96 years old.

Finally, the slave’s kitchen. It’s magic! It’s there where the costumers drink coffee, make friends, exchange ideas. The walls preserve the soot of the old times (they cannot be painted, in order that it’s tumbled as Historical and Cultural Patrimony). The contrast with all the rest goes deep. In the centre, the same stove with enormous “mouths” and the iron canisters where was cooked the slave’s food. The atmosphere is of mystery, mainly at night, at the teatime, that’s prepared by Ms. Iracema, swallowed in small sips, through the taste of histories and mysteries of the farm. It was an obligator stop for me. After Lúcia Ceccarelli’s death, the hotel passed though a rebuilding, keeping, although, as priority, the well being of the costumers and the history of the hotel, instigating, impregnated on the walls and lands of Solar.

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Hotel Farm Solar das Andorinhas
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